These essays cover various topics on research science in industry and research leadership. The expressed views are my own.

How to be a Kickass Intern Manager
Principles and tips for managing PhD interns and thesis students.
Resume or CV?
If you're applying for internships, postdocs, or researcher roles in industry, should you submit a resume or a CV in your application? The best answer is, "it depends and both".
Interview your Interviewer
While in an interview pipeline, it's important to collect your own data about the fit between you and this job. This essay describes several questions to ask at various stages of the interview pipeline.
Important Job Details not in the Job Description
A description of the differences between Product versus R&D jobs and as Specialist versus Generalist roles.
Industry Jobs for those with Training in Neuroscience, Cognition, or Psychology
A breakdown of job types for those with graduate training in psychology, cognition, and/or neuroscience, along with a description of key skills, various job titles, and some important considerations that cut across all types.
Train your Mind to Interrupt Cycles of Unproductivity
Time-tracking can help you recognize unproductivity early and redirect your effort to your most important tasks. This note discusses how I track my time to enhance self-awareness and priorization.
Understanding the Industry Career Landscape in your Field
If you're considering a transition to an industry research career, how can you find a good fit? This essay outlines several methods for gathering information about industry jobs in your field.
Discover your Research Career “Must Haves”
When making a transition in your career, your search will be more efficient and successful if it is guided by articulated research career preferences. Simple exercises can help you identify these career criteria and focus your search.
Research in Industry or Academia?
A discussion of several key differences between research careers in industry and academia.